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  Build Information:
  Build Version:
Release Date: 2019-01-06

  1) More work on community member stats to use bulk methods for collecting stats from multiple months at once
     greatly improving stats collation efficiency

  Code Changes:
  codebase.php                                                                                   5.6.7     (2019-01-06)
    1) Updated version information
  classes/                                                                    1.0.126   (2019-01-06)
    1) Community::get_stats() now correctly handles merging of existing stats with newly obtained ones.
  classes/class.community_display.php                                                            1.0.61    (2019-01-06)
    1) Update to Community_Display::setupListingsLoadPiwikStats now that stats for all aliases are included in combined
       format in stats cache records
  classes/class.community_member.php                                                             1.0.126   (2019-01-06)
    1) Community_Member::get_stats(): now correctly handles aggregation of stats from former and current member URLs
       for when a member is renamed during their tenure with a community
  classes/class.community_member_display.php                                                     1.0.63    (2019-01-06)
    1) Changes to Community_Member_Display::drawStats() following iwik API method changes for increase efficiency
  classes/class.piwik.php                                                                        1.0.6     (2019-01-06)
    1) Added several new methods to get stats in bulk:
    2) Older methods, now presumed to be unused will be removed later
  classes/class.system.php                                                                       1.0.188   (2019-01-06)
    1) System::get_stats() now properly merges in new stats with old when making a delta update
    2) System::updateAllVisitorStats() increased timeout

  Database Changes:
  1) Clear out site visitor stats
  2) Clear out community visitor stats
  3) Clear out community_member stats
  4) Set version information

  Module Versions:
  Backup 1.0.5, Codebase 5.6.7, CSS 1.0.174, DB 2537, DB C/S 422e4761, FCKeditor 4.5.3, FCKeditor Config 1.0.23, Functions 1.0.22, GetID3 1.8.3b, icons C/S 460db971, Img 2.2.1, JS Functions 1.1.274, JS Members 1.0.154, labels C/S 646c2256, System 1.0.42

  codebase.php                                        5.6.7
  classes/  (6 files changed)                               1.0.126   CS:a650ee94
    class.community_display.php                       1.0.61    CS:8cf98f7
    class.community_member.php                        1.0.126   CS:49934c54
    class.community_member_display.php                1.0.63    CS:8d4776a4
    class.piwik.php                                   1.0.6     CS:dcf705a4
    class.system.php                                  1.0.188   CS:9b5b9e84
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