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  Build Information:
  Build Version:
Release Date: 2019-01-06

  1) Bug fix to avoid errors collating member links stats when there are none for a given month

  Code Changes:
  codebase.php                                                                                   5.6.8     (2019-01-06)
    1) Updated version information
  classes/class.piwik.php                                                                        1.0.7     (2019-01-06)
    1) Better handling in Piwik::getOutlinksForMonths() for months not having a result

  Database Changes:
  1) Set version information

  Module Versions:
  Backup 1.0.5, Codebase 5.6.8, CSS 1.0.174, DB 2538, DB C/S 422e4761, FCKeditor 4.5.3, FCKeditor Config 1.0.23, Functions 1.0.22, GetID3 1.8.3b, icons C/S 460db971, Img 2.2.1, JS Functions 1.1.274, JS Members 1.0.154, labels C/S 646c2256, System 1.0.42

  codebase.php                                        5.6.8
  classes/  (1 file changed)
    class.piwik.php                                   1.0.7     CS:ba077817
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