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Mission Statement:

  • To encourage churches to work together as The Body of Christ;
  • To provide tools and advice to help them work more effectively;
  • To enable them to powerfully communicate Christ’s free gift of Salvation to everyone.

Manifesto: (BGEA, 1947)

  • We will be accountable, particularly in handling finances with integrity according to the highest business standards;
  • We always strive to be thoroughly honest, not least when reporting statistics;
  • We will be exemplary in morals – clear, clean and careful to avoid the very appearance of any impropriety


  • Martin Francis
  • Darren Willson-Rymer

Advisory Council:

  • Rev. Peter Blundell
  • Jim Klaas

Ecclesiact® Trademarks:

  • TMA 685,981 (Canada)
  • 77251743 (USA)

Owner / Operator:

ClassAxe Multimedia Inc.
Aurora, ON, Canada
(Ontario BIN: 2266190)
(289) 819-0603

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About Ecclesiact®:

  • Ecclesiact® began in 2005 in response to a calling to build a website-publishing platform that would have content sharing at its core.
  • In 2007 we adopted the ‘Modesto Manifesto’ (BGEA, 1947), and prayerfully appointed a three-member Advisory board so that we could become accountable to them, and seek their wisdom as the ministry grew.
  • In 2008 Martin Francis began a series of articles published in Evangelical Christian Magazine.
    These articles were written to highlight biblical teachings concerning churches working together as The Body of Christ, and to showcase examples.  Click here to download copies of these articles.

About Ecclesiact® Community Edition

  • Ecclesiact® Community Edition began in 2009, designed to provide a home base in the form of a fully integrated community web portal for all Christian churches in a given town.
    It is intended for use in places where churches are already working together to change the spiritual climate in their town, to introducing people to Jesus, and to bring new hope and life to friends and neighbours.

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Latest News 14 14 1199
Sep 14, 2015

Version 4.0.0 released today!

This build is about providing full support for truely responsive websites - more work still to be done, but this first step is massive with around 7,000 separate code changes in over 170 different files.

This complex task was made possible by the recent move to GIT for version control and live code deployment.

Read the full changes list.

Feb 4, 2015

New Phone Number

Effective February 4th 2015 our phone number has changed to (289) 819-0603.
Jul 3, 2012

Summer 2012 Newsletter

If you haven't gotten yours through the mail yet, please download a copy from here.
Jun 25, 2012

Transformation Canada

Watch a presentation given by Martin Francis to the 2012 Transformation Canada meeting in Scarborough
Apr 12, 2012

MissionFest Toronto

With the emphasis firmly on explaining the need for churches to work together as the Body of Christ from biblical principles, we had dozens of folk come and talk and who agreed to start praying fervently for the churches in their local communities.
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