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Mission Statement:

  • To encourage churches to work together as The Body of Christ;
  • To provide tools and advice to help them work more effectively;
  • To enable them to powerfully communicate Christ’s free gift of Salvation to everyone.

Manifesto: (BGEA, 1947)

  • We will be accountable, particularly in handling finances with integrity according to the highest business standards;
  • We always strive to be thoroughly honest, not least when reporting statistics;
  • We will be exemplary in morals – clear, clean and careful to avoid the very appearance of any impropriety


  • Martin Francis
  • Darren Willson-Rymer

Advisory Council:

  • Rev. Peter Blundell
  • Jim Klaas

Ecclesiact® Trademarks:

  • TMA 685,981 (Canada)
  • 77251743 (USA)

Owner / Operator:

ClassAxe Multimedia Inc.
Aurora, ON, Canada
(Ontario BIN: 2266190)
(289) 819-0603



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Suede Shoe
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Suede Shoe

Designed for leisure wear and comfort. Casual shoe with rubberised base for more cusioning and superior grip.
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test product

a) Publish date blank, Removal date blank b) Publish date 2010-04-29, Removal date blank c) Publish date blank, removal date 2010-04-30 d) Publish date 2010-04-29, Removal date 2010-04-30 e) Publish date 2010-04-29, Removal date 2010-04-29
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Travel Visa - International Assignment Plan

International Assignment Plan - FOC
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Travel Visa - New Application

Fee for new applicants
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Latest News 14 14 1199
Feb 19, 2012

Admin toolbar GONE!

The latest release of Ecclesiact ( comes with a surprise - bowing to popular public opinion, the ever expanding admin toolbar has now gone, and is replaced by a more conventional dropdown menu system which groups functions into categories.
Jul 31, 2011

Improved Content Editor

All Ecclesiact websites got an upgrade today - a new content editor module.
Jul 18, 2011

Summer Newsletter now out!

Hi everyone, the new summer newsletter is out now - if you didn't get one by mail you can download a copy here!
Jun 22, 2011

Breadcrumb styling options

The latest Ecclesiact Build version adds the option for site administrators to apply fancy styling to the automatic breadcrumbs component with full control over all options.
Mar 1, 2010

Thornhill United Church

A new website launched today for Thornhill United Church.
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